Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Call This Venting

Its 3:04am right now and im just listening to some Kanye classics and thinking. Im thinking about everything from school to recent relationships to money and my future. I constantly stay up everyday contemplating on a master plan for my life. For some reason i believe that i am here on this earth for a specific reason. A reason that im not really sure of yet but i can feel that im getting closer to finding it out. When i wake up each day i tell myself "you're going to become a millionaire today" and every minute of the day i think of ways to make that statement come true. Its like when i walk down the street i feel as though i dont belong, like i am suppose to be somewhere else projecting my ideas and feelings to the world. Theres so much i want to do in my life time but time is running out, like the old saying "time waits for no one". So as time proceeds i want to achieve my goals and dreams before my time runs out. Its like im inspired by everything around me and everyday i push harder and harder to get there. I promised myself i wont let anything stop me, NOTHING! Not even my recent break up with my girlfriend of 3 years. Even though i am heartbroken about the situation that wont even slow me down. I will turn that into fuel to blast me into achieving more things in my future. The amount of ambition i have is truly amazing. I believe i have so much more ambition than any of my peers and i constantly try to rub it off on them. I will surely make a name for myself in this world and you all will soon witness greatness from yours truly. Dont forget to watch out for them DREAM KILLERS! ;-)

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